Do you need a new design ?

We can help with any aspect from conception to production. We are experienced in the design of analogue, high speed digital, and mixed signal circuits. Our background is in the Telecomm, Audio, Telephone, Radio, Acoustics, and electromechanical industries, and an outline of our experience in various design disciplines follows.


Digital design experience encompasses a wide range of devices from 74xx series TTL and compatibles, to modern processors, including Texas Instruments TMS320 digital signal processors, (5402 & 5409), and Virata's Helium communications processor family. Interfacing to logic devices such as codecs, SLIC's, Ethernet PHY, ATM PHY, MMI, Utopia, USB, RS232. High speed PCB & backplane design & layout to 150 MHz. Design of effective decoupling for high speed logic and mixed signal circuits. Measurement and reduction of clock jitter. Electromagnetic compatibility. Interfacing logic signals to sensors and high current & high voltage drivers.


Analogue circuit design from DC to radio frequencies using integrated circuits and discrete components including bipolar and field effect transistors. Design of low noise amplifiers, analogue signal processing circuits, filters, impedance matching circuits. Interfacing to external devices such as microphones and sensors. Interfacing codecs SLIC's, analogue to digital converters (A/D's), digital to analogue converters (D/A's) Design of anti aliasing and re construction filters, sample & hold circuits, switched capacitor filters and interface circuits. Interfacing to sensors and actuators. Power supply decoupling, noise reduction, and surge protection. Intercom design. Telephone local loop design.

Power and electromechanical

Power supply design - linear and switched mode. Design of inverters & UPS systems. Power supply noise reduction, and surge protection. Driving AC and DC motors, stepper motors. Electromechanical interfacing to relays, solenoids, pneumatics, and lamps. Design with power transistors, HEXFET's, triacs and solid state relays. Calculation of cooling requirements, and specification of heatsinks and fans

EMC/EMI and signal integrity

Design of circuits, backplanes, and interconnections for electromagnetic compatibility, and to minimise immunity to electromagnetic interference. Design of RF screened enclosures. PCB layout and design of effective decoupling. TEM cell development and use.

Test Planning and test equipment design

We have extensive experience in planning for production test, and in design of test equipment for a wide range of products, including digital, analogue, RF and mixed signal equipment.
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