Layout and signal integrity.

Layout is the process of converting a paper design to physical product. It is a critical part of the design process, yet, from an electrical point of view, it is often treated, as a low skilled chore.

Poor layout results in loss of signal integrity. This results in unexpected delays in product development, and lack of confidence in the product. The symptoms are usually intermittent behavior in digital equipment, distortion in analogue signals, or EMC / EMI problems.

Planning the layout.

Layout is the stage where disciplines meet, where the design passes into the hands of the PCB layout engineer, and the mechanical design engineer, who will tend to make layout decisions based on mechanical, rather than electrical considerations. It is essential that electrical constraints are clearly specified by this stage, and that all parties work together to achieve good signal integrity.

Layout services.

We consider layout issues as an integral part of all our designs. We are also happy to review customer designs, to act in an advisory capacity on layout issues, or to provide a quick turn around prototype layout service.

We have extensive experience in the layout of printed circuit boards and backplanes, carrying high speed digital, analogue, audio, R.F and mixed signals. We don't forget the problems which can plague apparently simple point to point equipment wiring and looms.
Let us reduce your development time, and increase your product confidence, by reviewing your design or guiding your layout in the right direction from the start.
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